In partnership with PPI Technologies Group, Charles Downer & Co. Ltd. is now offering:



Child Resistant

ASTM/CPSC lab certified

Meets all Canadian & US regulations

Advanced Design

Portable & discreet

No bulky locking mechanism

Optimized for retail merchandising

Hermetically Sealable

Lock in freshness, flavor and potency

Gas flush to protect during transport and inhibit pests, bacteria and mold

Protects against pests, bacteria, light, mold, air, smell

Completely Customizable

Glossy matte and kraft paper finishes

Low minimum order quantities

Full colour printing capabilities

Pre-print legal disclosures

Educate new customers with custom labelling



Child Resistant

lab certified by CPSC standards

Environmentally Friendly

100% recyclable

Zero plastic used

Versatile & Customizable

Great for flower, extracts, edibles, capsules & vape cartridges

Customizable embossing, foam inserts & pop displays



Child Resistant

CPSC 16 CFR 1700.20 lab certified

Senior friendly

Tamper evident

Compact & Contained

Reduces shelf space and inventory footprint

Optimizes logistic efficiencies

Product to package ratio up to 35:1 vs rigid containers

Impermeable Structure

Barrier film seals in freshness and potency

Blocks moisture, light, oxygen & other gases
Prolongs shelf life

Commercially Scalable

Compatible with automated fulfillment machinery for high volume output

Dual-sourcing of materials and components ensures business continuity

Visually Appealing

Optimized for retail merchandising

Full colour printing up to 10 colours

Choose from stock or custom sizes

Available with specialty finishes and substrates

We’re proud to partner with PPi Technologies GROUP, now the largest supplier of StandUp pouch machinery in North America. From stand-up pouches, to unit dose, tray and end-of-line machinery, PPi Technologies Group covers 21 market segments and are constantly innovating. For more visit https://www.ppitechnologies.com/about-us/.

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